Stephen Ferraro, Owner, Ferraro Karate

"Indu represents true Guelph Leadership; born in Guelph and raised in the Ward in which she is running, she is invested in the community in which she is raising her family.  An avid volunteer in many of the Royal City’s International Events, as well as a supporter of local business, Event Co-ordinator, and more. There is no one more qualified for the position or more excited to help Guelph for generations to come.”

Ray Stultz, Chair, Board of Directors, Children's Foundation of Guelph and Wellington

"Indu Arora deserves a testimonial. She is definitely a community builder for the city of Guelph. Having been a citizen of the city for 30 years, Indu is always positively contributing to improving our city. A Guelph’s 20 under 40 member, Indu is always out there to support the community. You name it, Superhero Fun Run, Guelph Multicultural Festival, city council meetings, she is there. Not sure how she does it while looking after her beautiful family. I am happy to know her.  She is the right person for the job for ward 4 as councillor – she is what Guelph needs!"

Glen McMillan, Teacher, GCVI High School

"I have known Indu for over thirty years, starting when we were in the same Grade 2 class at Westwood Public School.  She is an active volunteer and has given a considerable amount of her time to support causes affecting multiple local charities.  She loves this city, and as a councillor, I know that she would work very hard to represent the needs of Ward 4 residents and to advocate for the city as a whole.  I have resided in Guelph my whole life, but a few years ago I moved to a house in another ward.  If I still lived in Ward 4, I would vote for Indu in October!"

Kasia Rusiniak, Events Manager, Children's Foundation of Guelph and Wellington

"Indu Arora is one of the most compassionate and caring people I know.  Extremely devoted to her community, she sees the strength and benefit each person offers.  By connecting people, she is truly a community-maker and helps build strong support systems.  Smart and insightful, I know Indu will thoughtfully lend her voice to make the best decisions possible." 

Brent McArthur, 30 year Guelph resident

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Indu on a number of local fundraising initiatives. Indu is an extremely energetic and hard working individual who carefully listens to all opinions before expressing her views. Indu will be a star councillor who will passionately represent the needs of her Ward 4 constituents at City Hall."

Emma Rogers, Community Builder and Avid Fundraiser

"Indu is the definition of a community leader! She brings her positive attitude and determination everywhere she goes. Giving back to the community and helping support those who call Guelph home is always top of mind for Indu, it is evident through her work and volunteer commitments. One of the many reasons she would be a wonderful councillor!"

Nadine Henderson, Owner, NH Clay

"Indu is a thoughtful and compassionate person who engages with and advocates for all people. Indu is a careful and deliberate communicator and an active participant in and around our community.  It is within my value set and best interest to support her in her endeavour to become a Ward 4 councillor."

Joe Longo, Lifetime Guelph Resident

"Indu is a passionate voice to the citizens of Ward 4!!  I live in ward 3 and I know it would greatly benefit the City as a whole if the citizens of ward 4 would elect Indu as their councillor!"

Jacqueline Loft, Owner, Loft Photography

"When I vote for a leader, I want someone I respect, who respects me; someone who is not only involved, but truly cares about their community and its people.  To me, there is no person more qualified and fitted to represent me in my community than Indu."